Our Team

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Founder & Director

I am student at Li Po Chun United World College and have been passionate about the refugee community in Hong Kong over the last couple of years.


During my time, I have hiked with refugees, cooked with refugees, and became friends with refugees, yet every single time I spend time with the community, I continue to be fascinated, shocked, and learn something new.


I am excited to continue to make a difference with Asylum Action and hope that the Hong Kong community will share in my passion.

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Hi! My name is Jasmyn Wong. I've always been passionate about helping out refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Thus, I believe this is a worthwhile opportunity to make an impact in our community. Working with this team of incredible individuals, and with my experience in the past, I am excited to make an impact!


Hi everyone! I'm Christine and I attend St. Mark's School. I am passionate about bridging divides in Hong Kong, especially by helping refugees and asylum seekers. I hope to be able to raise more awareness regarding this pressing issue alongside the incredible Asylum Action team!


Hey! I’m Sophie, and I am currently in year 11 at CIS. I enjoy playing netball, dance, and hanging out with my friends :)



Hi! I’m Hughlyn Wong and I’m a student at the Hotchkiss school. I’m very excited to be doing work to support the refugee and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. I hope that as a team, we are able to help bring light to and encourage others to fight for our cause.


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